Yell Softly Jinki
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This man. This man.
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no he’s sleeveless he’s sleeveless he’s sleeveless

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OK. I’ve found it. The best post on Tumblr. Onew. I can’t reblog it because..well…you’ll see. Also because: reposted gifs, but mainly because………just click. It’s blinding. Blinding sunshine. Give it a sec to fully load.


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4 unacceptable tongue incidents in one single episode.

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Rubbish. Have to leave the house today at the exact moment Onew’s first proper Law of the Jungle episode finishes and at which, therefore, torrent files will begin appearing. The first thing I’ve wanted to gif in……weeks?…and I’m going to be slow off the mark relative to everyone else. Poop.

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Key in the OFD/Surprise Vacation Commentary with Onew: sees Onew scuba diving and says he should go on “that Jungle show” lol. Wonder when the commentary was recorded..

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If anyone ever asks for my blog to be rated in one of those thingies where people put multiple URLs in an anon ask for them all to be rated/whatever else, just want to say right now that that’s not me and will never be me. In case that ever happens. It probably won’t…but if it does, it’s definitely NOT me. Not something I want done. Not something I would ask for or would want to see the results of. Ever. Just getting in before!

Now to gif Onkey and Jongyu…

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amysaysahh replied to your photoset
which song was this from?

No idea sorry! Fansite replaced the audio with Ciara song.

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